Branson Murder Mystery Dinner Show



The Majestic Theatre, 2849 Gretna Road


90 min.

Branson Murder Mystery Dinner Show

Branson Murder Mystery presents a NEW SHOW for 2018 "Murder on the 76 Trail," and gives Branson a hilariously live dinner theater experience! "Murder on the 76 Trail," takes place in Branson somewhere around 1898. Everyone is getting ready for the town vote when suddenly there is a mysterious death. This is where the story and the insanity, begins! With the action being played out right where audience members are seated at their tables, it's easy to be a happy observer, or you can volunteer as a guest actor. Not only does this show have an exceptional cast, they fill more than 12 roles with members of the audience. How fun is that? Now that's real interactive theater! You could end up playin' a real-life Old West outlaw ... like Jesse James - or maybe his younger brother, Frank James. How about Annie Oakley or Calamity Jane? It's an honest-to-goodness Old West in the Midwest fantasy come to life! There's never a dull moment at "Murder on the 76 Trail;" you'll enjoy trains a whistlin', guns a shootin' , and folks a yellin' - it's truly a great time to be had by all. Hey, you could even turn out to be the murdering scum yourself. And, can you believe it? All this outrageous fun is based, rather loosely mind you, on Branson's actual history ...with a lot of liberties taken, of course! You follow the clues and you get a chance to solve the murder. It's a real "Who Dun It". Wait. ..there's dinner, too? Sure! Dinner, Wild West Comedy hi-jinks, the chance to hone your acting skills; and it's all wrapped up in one zany, crazy Dinner Show. Come on out and join the fun at "Murder on the 76 Trail." 

You want to do something different for 
Christmas folks?!  Well here you go:  Murder by Eggnog -a hilarious live dinner theater experience.  The scene takes place in Branson, somewhere around the late 1800's.  Talk about an old fashioned Christmas!

Everyone is getting ready for the 
Christmas Pageant when suddenly, someone mysteriously dies.  This is where the story - and the insanity - begins!

The action is played out right where the audience is seated, and you can choose to become part of the action or simply enjoy watching others participate as the mystery unfolds.

Not only does this show have an exceptional cast, more than 12 roles are filled by audience members.  How fun is that folks?!  Now THAT'S REAL INTERACTIVE THEATER!


Performing at the Majestic Theater 2849 Gretna Road in Branson, Missouri 65616.

Branson Murder Mystery Dinner Show

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