Titanic Top Pick

Titanic Top Pick
April 09, 2020

One of the most interesting and historical attractions you’ll find  in Branson, Missouri is the ultra-cool Titanic Museum.  Situated in the heart of town, at the corner of 76 Country Boulevard and Gretna Road, next to the award-winning Best Western Center Pointe Inn and the fabulous Montana Mike’s Steakhouse, the museum couldn’t be more centrally located.  This is a good thing!  Its accessibility is ideal for visitors and locals alike.  Photo opps abound, if you’re just walking or driving by. The museum itself looks like the ship. But I would encourage you to capitalize on the specials we run for this unique attraction and go on in.  This memorable experience includes an audio tour, interactive displays, historical treasures, and so much more!

As you enter, you are given a boarding pass with the name of a real passenger or crew member  assigned.  This puts a distinctive spin on your tour.  With levels or classes assigned and displays that relate to the different classes, the classes take on new importance.  At the end of the tour, you can find out if your persona perished or survived.

Just inside the entrance, a model replica stops visitors in their tracks.  Every detail is precisely replicated.  And as guests move through the museum, they get to see what cabins on board the ship looked like, and what the suites looked like in comparison.  Artfully displayed memorabilia adorns the museum.  In addition to the hundreds of artifacts on display, the museum is filled with amazing photography. 

Interactive displays throughout the museum allow for hands on experiences, such as dipping hands in 28-degree water, touching a real iceberg, stepping “outside” in the cool night air, and more.  There is trivia throughout and specific, child-friendly stations.

The showstopper is, of course, the replicated Grand Staircase.  Ornate oak carvings and decor adorn this magnificent area.  Don’t fret if stairs are difficult to climb for any of your party members.  There is an elevator to take guests to the next level. 

The music room is a lovely tribute to the musicians on board the Titanic.  Another room is devoted entirely to the children on board the Titanic.  Filled with photographs and stories, this is truly a moving tribute.


The tour ends with a walk through the gift shop.  Unlike any other gift shop in town, this particular gift shop has everything Titanic imaginable, from jewelry to jigsaw puzzles, accessories, ornaments and so much more!


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