Starting Nov 1st the Bretts are Switching Gears

Starting Nov 1st the Bretts are Switching Gears
October 25, 2016


I have loved Branson shows since I was a boy sitting in my grandfather’s restaurant on old 65 Highway where I met Lyle Mabe of the Baldknobber’s Jamboree.  Branson has changed over the last fifty years, but it is still, and always will be, the live music capital of the world.

Ask me about my favorite show, and I’ll likely mention the one I have seen most recently. My answer to that question changes often; I cannot pick just one. The same seems to be true of folks visiting Branson. When I ask them their favorite show, I get a myriad of answers. I can only attribute that to the number of high quality of shows in town. They’re all good. There is one, though, that I feel deserves a special mention.

The Bretts have been in Branson for a generation. For nearly twenty years, they have taken the stage with an energetic, highly entertaining mix of chart-topping hits, favorite classics, and original music. Their show is not just music, it’s also non-stop fun, including amazing antics with a basketball, dazzling dance routines, and a patriotic salute to those who served.

The Brett children – no longer kids – grew up on the stage. Those of us who have frequented their show have watched them mature, go off to college, and come back home. Every member of the family is a uniquely talented and polished professional.

Like most shows in Branson, around the first of November the Bretts switch gears and feature Christmas music. This classy morning show is one of the best shows to see any time of year, but it is especially fun at Christmas.

The Bretts play at the Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater at 10 AM, and we can think of no better way to spend a morning in Branson. We highly recommend that you catch this show on your next trip to Branson.

~Steve Hagar Team

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