Pierce Arrow and Decades

Pierce Arrow and Decades
May 04, 2018

Pierce Arrow is a show that will have the audience singing and clapping along.  From incredible singing to hilarious comedy, Pierce Arrow is a must-see.

Pierce Arrow is known for its incredible music and tight harmonies.  The Pierce Arrow Quartet is made up of Dan Britton, Scott Fraker, Tony Turner, and Travis Spratt.  Each quartet member is very talented and gets to be featured numerous times throughout the show. You’ll hear a variety of music styles including Gospel, Country, Rock, Patriotic, and more!

Pierce Arrow is also known for the hilarious comedy.  James Sibley has performed all over the world making people laugh.  His side-slitting, clean comedy is enjoyed by all ages and will keep you laughing throughout the show.

New for 2018 at the Pierce Arrow Theatre, enjoy Decades.  It’s the same incredible cast with a twist of the music that is featured. Music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s will be performed along with comedic visits by Elvis, James Brown, and Ozzy Osbourne.  You won’t know what to expect next!

Be sure to catch both shows during your trip to Branson.  Each is filled with amazing music, laughter, and fun that everyone in your party will enjoy!

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