Memories of Branson Visitors

Memories of Branson Visitors
November 22, 2016


When one works in Branson, MO and lives in the surrounding area for over 30 years, one gets giddy…if not humbled…by the amount of friends and family that visit over time.   Here are a few memories of those visits to a small town with a big heart and an even bigger impact on said visitors:



    I came to visit my sister in school over the Christmas Holiday.  Needless to say, 25 years ago there wasn’t a lot to do in Branson in late December.  Nothing like it is today.  It was a ghost town.  Good news?  No traffic!  Bad news?  No nothin’!  So we wrestled  up some change and headed to the local grocery store, which at the time was an IGA in old downtown Branson, if I remember correctly.  Now it’s a cool antique shop called Picker’s Flea Market & Country Store.  We carefully scoured the aisles to see what the best values were.  We had $7.00 and some change and we had to feed 2 of us for about 3 days.  As I recall, Ramen noodles definitely made the cut, along with a dozen eggs, bread and beans…

…we laughed and cried and reconnected as we cooked and reminisced about our childhood, we shared more than a few meals.  We shared a connection…a bond between two sisters who felt like Princesses.  We had the college dorm basically to ourselves…full range of the kitchen and lounge area…lots of late night movies… all-you-can-eat Ramen noodles and beans by night, eggs and toast by day.  

My earliest memory of Branson is far from the lights and active tourism.  It’s of those long conversations and the recognition of something memorable developing.  It was a turning point for me and my sis…not just big sister/little sister stuff anymore…it was adult to adult, woman to woman, friend to friend and I’ll never forget this cherished memory of my first trip to Branson.  ~HED


I came down to see the Bellamy Brothers at the Ozark Amphitheater with my boyfriend.  We met my twin sister and her boyfriend.  We rocked out under the stars.  It was so cool!   ~MDS


First time I came to Branson, MO was for a wedding.  That’s right.  My sister’s wedding!  We stayed at Clarion Hotel at the Palace, where we still stay today when visiting Branson, MO.  The wedding rehearsal was at a quaint little pub in Hollister, MO called the Red Lion.  We had delicious chicken alfredo and prime rib.  After the wedding we went dancing at a little place called Holly’s.  We had a great time!  ~ATM


Ed & I came down to meet a new grandbaby.  We drove all around the area, including Springfield.  We were particularly fond of the architecture.  Ed enjoyed the design of the Andy Williams Theatre (now the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center) and how it was built right into the landscape.  The hills in the area are quite something.  I never understood how my daughter could think the Ozarks were even close in comparison to the Rockies, but somehow she did and she chose to plant her roots in Missouri.  It took twenty years, but eventually I came to see the beauty of the area and I now appreciate the haven it’s provided for her and her family.  I prefer fall, of course, with the beautiful foliage.  And who knows, one day I may retire there!  ~CGD


Remote. Busy. Charming.  Can’t live there but enjoy visiting from time to time. ~LAD

Got my first job in Branson, MO.  Had a good time giving people wrong directions and later paid for that youthful folly by getting turned around more than once while in Branson on business.  Good friends to this day with some of those first-job cronies.  Wouldn’t change the time I spent there… ~JRD


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