Longevity Triumphs!

Longevity Triumphs!
June 21, 2023

The longest-running show in Branson, MO (over 63 years!) truly just continues to get better and better with each passing season!  I'm not kidding folks.  True, it's not the same show as it once was, but that's the beauty of it!  The hillbilly, slap-stick comedy and traditional country and gospel songs, beloved by so many, is still an option with The Baldknobbers Vintage Show on select afternoons throughout the year. 


But don't shy away from the new, high-energy, contemporary experience of Branson's Famous Baldknobbers.  The song selection totally rocks with new country, classic country, a little bit of rock n' roll, and fantastic gospel tunes.  It's the cast, though, that really brings this show to life!  Brandon and Megan Mabe have created a show worthy of praise.  From the song selection and delivery to the costumes, performers, and musicians, this is truly one of the finest 2 hours of entertainment in Branson.  


Brandon totally nails the raspy, gritty songs of Luke Combs, Bob Seger, and more.  And Megan.  Oh my goodness.  There's a reason Megan often sings Whitney Houston songs - not everyone can sing a song like Whitney did and Megan just has such a gift - she makes the songs she sings her own and leaves the audience stunned.  


And then there's Ashley Dawn (check out Ashley Dawn Music on FaceBook).  She's easily one of my favorite female singers in town!  Not only is she easy to listen to, she's got a great stage presence and she's a personal inspiration.  Love her Country Faith album!


Shane Vancamp has quite a stage presence as well!  His vocals are strong and pleasing.  And then all four singers join together and absolutely nail the four-part harmonies.  And they're just getting started!  


I would be remiss not to mention Hargus.  He knows how to make you laugh and he and Brandon play so well off each other.  He will keep you in stitches throughout the show - some rehearsed and some off the cuff!  Along with each band member, and the unforgettable comedy of Hargus, this well-crafted show is one that will have you smiling with every remembrance of it.


Don't forget the concessions!  You'll appreciate the reasonable prices and friendly staff.  


And please, please, please check out their gift shop!  The bohemian vibe is inviting, with lots of unique options and of course, Baldknobbers gear galore!  The lighted balloons and souvenirs,  the inspirational plaques and sweet sentiments reflect the Light in the lives of Brandon and Megan Mabe.


To round it all out, the box office personnel are unrivaled.  Courteous and efficient, they are a joy to work with!   From start to finish, the Baldknobber Experience is one you'll be glad you participated in.  

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