In ALL Things Give Thanks

In ALL Things Give Thanks
November 23, 2020


It's easy, practically effortless to give thanks when things are going your way, right?  Especially as the Thanksgiving Holiday families and friends start planning the annual get-together...This year, though, many people are rethinking this once standard day of family and friends.  Perhaps this year, due to COVID, civil unrest, political uncertainties, financial woes, or maybe all of the above, it's harder to recognize the importance of giving thanks.  Maybe it's more personal.  Maybe you're dealing with overwhelming anxiety, or health issues, or heartache...and it's all you can do to get done what you need to do.  Let me encourage you, friend.  Now, more than ever, take a moment...a single moment...and muster up the strength to whisper the slightest, simplest thing that you are thankful for. 


There!  You did it.  And remember that every moment is new!  With each new moment, or maybe every hour...maybe each day or once a week from here on, you recognize something or someone that you are thankful for.  The more thanks you give, the easier it will become.  And before you know it, you'll have a heart full of thanksgiving.  And that once barely audible whisper will be replaced with shouts of joy and praise and thanksgiving for not just the things that affect you but for others, and obstacles, and opportunities - because once gratitude becomes an attitude, one's whole outlook on life is positively changed.


Won't you join me this Thanksgiving in giving thanks?  And remember friend, 

we're thankful for you. Team

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