Hollywood Wax Museum - Fun for All Ages by Kiara Hart

Hollywood Wax Museum - Fun for All Ages by Kiara Hart
September 09, 2022

Can you guess which attraction is the most visited in Hollywood? Why the Hollywood Wax Museum of course! Since 1965, the world-famous Hollywood Wax Museum has been attracting visitors from all over! With so many exciting things to do on Hollywood Boulevard, it is amazing that the Wax Museum has been the most visited! In this article we’re going to discuss three potential reasons as to why the Hollywood Wax Museum is so popular and why people of all ages are sure to enjoy it.


  1. Creative Idea for an Attraction


The Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson, MO first opened in 1996. Located on Highway 76 in the heart of the Entertainment District, there is absolutely no way you can miss it. The building shows a New York skyline being rampaged by a gigantic gorilla, also known as the largest primate in the Midwest. 15,000 square feet of lifelike wax figures, iconic movie scenes, and more await you inside the Hollywood Wax Museum.


Experiencing the Hollywood Wax Museum, myself, I couldn’t help but overhear many other guests most likely from out-of-town squeal, laugh, and gasp in utter shock at the Wax Museum and all its features. And I can’t blame them. If I hadn’t grown up in Branson, MO and I saw the Hollywood Wax Museum for the first time, I would react the exact same. After hearing other people’s excitement and enthusiasm for the attraction I came to realize that the Hollywood Wax Museum is a unique and creative idea for an attraction. The crazy gorilla attacking the New York skyline outside isn’t something that people normally see every day. So, naturally, people who come to Branson are going to be fascinated. I believe that attractions like the Hollywood Wax Museum are popular because they are fresh and aren’t the typical attractions that most people think of.


2.  Entertaining and Educational


When visiting Branson, you may be thinking about seeing one of the live shows located on the Strip. However, you may not realize that Branson has loads more entertaining attractions than just live shows. The Hollywood Wax Museum allows you to get up close and personal with many different movie stars, song artists, and other widely known celebrities. A few celebrities featured in the museum include Ariana Grande, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley.


Now, the Hollywood Wax Museum is definitely an entertaining attraction, but it is also an educational one as well. Throughout the walkthrough, you will learn many interesting facts about each person in the museum. Not only will you learn about their lives in general, but also their pet peeves, any actual pets that they own, their favorite food, and other little tidbits of information.


All ages are sure to enjoy the Hollywood Wax Museum as it not only features the wax figures themselves, but also minigames that will keep the little ones entertained.


3. Perfect Place for Lots of Photos


From the giant raging gorilla outside to the amazing architecture of the museum’s own version of Mt. Rushmore, there are plenty of places to take fun pictures with your friends and family. The museum also features fun props and accessories for you to put on and pose with your favorite celebrities! Also, did you know that since opening in 1996 the Hollywood Wax Museum has been one of the most photographed attractions in Branson? Well, it has! And it seems obvious as to why! There are lots of fun memorable photo-taking opportunities at the museum, and if you’re a movie buff, pop culture enthusiast or just want a chance to be in the spotlight then the Hollywood Wax Museum is the perfect attraction for you!


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