Fritz's Adventure Delivers!

Fritz's Adventure Delivers!
July 21, 2020

In this day and age of heightened delivery service, I must say Fritz’s Adventure DELIVERS!  Now, I don’t mean this in the traditional sense and am not suggesting that anyone of the awesome crew members will bring a pizza or meal to your door.  What I mean is that all the advertising, videos, and testimonials I’ve seen live up to the hype!  This place ROCKS!!!   You can rock climb, rope climb, zipline, catapult, rappel, plunge, slide, scale, tunnel, crawl, twist, turn, maneuver, and just about every other action-packed verb you can think of.  

When you first arrive, you’ll be directed to the check-in area, which, btw, has the coolest t-shirts ever!  Stop at the waiver-signing-station before heading over to a friendly staff member who will collect your voucher & provide a wrist band.  You’ll definitely want the wrist band, as it enables you to come and go throughout the day.  With 80,000 square feet of adventure ahead, that is a good thing!  

The biggest decision from there is what to do FIRST!  I recommend utilizing the extra clean bathrooms simply because once you get started with the fun stuff you’re not going to want to stop.  You can go up and navigate an aerial tunnel to the replica World War II-era plane (great photo opp folks!).  Some people opt to take the stairs down to the next level, but I opted to slide!  It’s a super-fast slide so be prepared.  Now you’re on the level that has the rock climbing, the ropes course, the freight cars with underground tunnels, and even a little tike’s area where youngsters can climb, run, jump and play on a course designed just for them. The Interactive Floor Games are a hit with all ages and offer different levels that test your reflexes, coordination, and collaborative skills.  I thought the treehouse was cool, Branson Adventure Day not only because it’s a treehouse, c’mon!  But also, because you can enjoy another slide – and I LOVE slides!  This one is a curly slide which makes for silly, spirally fun!  Just a step or two down from there is the extra fun Laser Room, which challenges your agility as you maneuver through lasers.  And the warped walls are a blast! 

For those interested in an even greater adrenaline rush, they’ll appreciate the 36’ drop that Skyfall boasts.  Participants are safely harnessed prior to plunging 36’ down.  Or take part in Via Ferrata, where you are literally climbing the walls!   

I really like that there are beginner levels, intermediate, and more experienced levels throughout the facility.  I like that there are options.  You don’t have to partake in everything but you certainly could!  Of course, there are some weight and height restrictions in place, but that’s not meant to dampen the fun.  That is strictly for safety, which everyone benefits from.  There is plenty to do!  


And when you’re done “doing” for a bit and you need to get some refreshment, the concessions stand is great!  There are plenty of drink options available and a large sitting area where you can get a bird’s eye view of all the activity below and above.  Hint:  this is the best place to take pictures.  As you’re enjoying a breather, you’ll likely be enticed by the delicious aromas coming from the kitchen.  Lots of great options for lunch or dinner:  pizza, nachos, sandwiches, salads and more!  Then it’s back to playing because remember, you can stay all day or leave to go see a matinee, do some shopping or whatever and then come back.  Your wristband is good for the whole day! 

What I particularly appreciate as a 50 something is the number of places to sit and enjoy my teens scaling walls and zipping above me.  I also enjoy how much other families and friends are getting to experience this memorable fun together.  Recently while I was there, I noticed a lot of laughter all around me – and not just from participants.  The team members were having a great time too, helping people of all shapes and sizes get harnessed, providing instructions, assisting with beginners and pros, and everyone in between.  As a mom, this blessed me.  I personally witnessed extra care given to participants who got a little over-zealous and then experienced apprehension as they climbed higher and higher.  I saw others being cheered on as they reached the top.  I saw kindness while guidance was provided when, in an excited rush, some little kids forgot the instructions.  This, too, blessed me.  I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we as parents and Fritz's Adventure Branson Missouri gift cardguardians, in the heat of the moment, could remember to guide with kindness?  The word came to me:  mindfulness.  That is what I witnessed over and over with these crew members.  They were very cognizant of what was going on around them.  They were clear and concise in their instructions.  They were the strong supporting cast that helped empower both eager and hesitant participants to soar! 

Because this place is so much fun and open year ‘round, my daughter is already planning her November birthday party.  I look forward to helping make this happen because I know, without a doubt, moms, dads, siblings, aunts and uncles, teens, little ones, friends and even grandparents are going to enjoy themselves. 

During this COVID19 wrought season, enhanced precautionary measures are in place and, with capacity limited in an effort to help with social distancing, so you’ll want to set up a reservation with our Reservation Specialists.  Just call 877.368.3782.  We’re offering added value when you call!  For every two passes purchased through us, we’ll provide you with a $5 gift card good at the concessions stand or in the merch shop.  How cool is that?! Team

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