Five Things To Do In Branson That Are Fun And Educational

Five Things To Do In Branson That Are Fun And Educational
September 01, 2020

Millions already know that Branson, MO is a great place to relax with it's beautiful lakes and breath-taking views of the outdoors.  Many come for the thrilling, heart-pounding attractions!  Others come for the award-winning, live music shows.  With remote learning more common than ever, Branson is fast becoming the go-to place for an educational getaway, otherwise known as "Edutainment".  Here are our picks for fun and education:

Titanic Museum Attraction at

The historical appeal of The Titanic Museum Attraction inspires kids of all ages, including adults!  This "MUST SEE", monumental preservation of history not only displays over 400 real artifacts from the wreckage, it also provides a unique opportunity to learn about the design of the ship, the fashion of the day, class structure, sea voyages, icebergs and so much more.  Interactive displays allow guests to touch a growing iceberg, immerse a hand in 28 degrees water, experience the incline of the sinking ship, learn the true stories of the passengers onboard, including the socialites in first class, the commoners, the crew, and their fate.  Learn of the heroes and those less heroic.  Learn of the courageous orchestra that played until the end.  Even play the piano if you'd like!  

The smiles on visitors' faces tell me that this place is something you don't want to miss in Branson. Of course, you cannot always see the smiles, especially when a large butterfly lands on their nose. Begin, if you wish, by watching an informative short video that explains that this attraction is helping to preserve the Amazon as well as butterflies. Then join the butterflies in an enclosed jungle-like setting that offers them their perfect environment. One can visit The Butterfly Palace several times a year and see different species of butterflies on each visit.The Butterfly Palace on
WonderWorks at BransonMissouri.comThe Wonderworks building seems to ask the rhetorical question, "What happens when a science museum is ripped from its foundations and lands smack in the middle of the Ozark Mountains?" The answer is that people drive for hours to explore the wacky, topsy-turvy, upside down world of Professor Wonder. Visitors are "edu-tained" with hands-on experience at the Meteorology Lab, Physical Physics, Lights-Sounds & Senses, Space Discovery, Element-Earth & Life, and the Wonder Art Gallery.
The Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum is a world-class museum right in the heart of the Ozarks. Come face-to-face with prehistoric creatures, learn the truth about the American West, see how the Civil War played out in the Ozarks, and study artworks and artifacts of the Native Americans who once lived in this area. This is the Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum at Top of the Rock, just south of Branson Missouri.World's Largest Toy Museum at
Shepherd of the Hills on BransonMissouri.comPick up the Harold Bell Wright book, Shepherd of the Hills, and then see the Outdoor Drama of the same name. The book, written in 1907, is what set Branson on track to becoming one of the world's top destinations. The outdoor drama is set in the same area of the Ozark Mountains that inspired the novel. Tour Old Matt's cabin, dine on famous Ozarks recipes handed down for generations, and watch the story play out in an outdoor theater. This unique attraction is the thing memories are made of. Team

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