Explosive Comes to Mind!

Explosive Comes to Mind!
December 20, 2016

Explosive is just one word that comes to mind when someone asks me about the Pierce Arrow Show.  And that’s probably and understatement.

Dynamic.  Energetic.  Fantastic.  Wowza!  These words just begin to describe the genuine experience one has when one attends a show at this theater.  Whether attending the matinee or opting for the evening performance (two completely different shows!) the Pierce Arrow Show will fit the bill.  The show is built around an inspiring group of guys that showcases their exceptional four-part harmony, their camaraderie, and their vast experience and showmanship.  Individually, these guys are great.  Collectively they are phenomenal!  

Tony Turner is a Branson favorite.  He has quite a fan base with a committed following.  He’s a veteran performer, quite comfortable on stage and draws the audience in with his antics, his raspy voice, and his fun personality.  He is a great addition to the group.

Travis Spratt has such a joyful spirit on and off stage.  His voice is beautiful!  And his stage presence is solid.  It’s easy to tell that he’s been doing this for a long time!

Scott Fraker’s versatility stands out.  He masterfully accompanies or takes the lead. (Actually, they all do!).  He’s been with the group since 2010 and has become a welcome staple. His beautiful smile says it all!

Dan Britton.  ‘nuff said.  Kidding.  Dan is the founder of the group and the producer of the show.  The crowd goes nuts when he gets on stage.  It’s hard to know if they’re cheering for those low bass notes or that black hat but either way, it’s working!  He anchors the show and it’s awesome to have him back on stage.

So that takes care of the quartet known as Pierce Arrow.  And we haven’t even gotten to the core group of musicians, the stand-out female singer, and the comedian that make up the rest of the show!  Let’s get started.

The leader of the band, long-time Branson favorite, is Bobby Blackburn.  He makes lead guitar and keyboards look easy!  And he’s FUNNY.  

Slapping that bass is Randy McConnell.  And he gets the job done, both on the bass guitar and the stand-up bass

And then you’ve got the baby of the Pierce Arrow family, Grant Moody.  He’s funny too.  He helps out on the guitar and rocks out on the drums.

In addition to the music, the other half that makes Pierce Arrow the show to see in Branson, is the comedy.

To say that James Sibley is funny just doesn’t cut it.  He’s different.  He’s spontaneous.  He’s genuine.  He’s witty.  He’s good at what he does:  making people laugh.  And he enjoys doing it!  That’s what makes his role so worthwhile in the show.  He truly loves it.  (Truth be told, I think they all do!)

And last but in no way least, there’s Shonna Bonds.  Crazy fun.  Extremely talented.  Gorgeous.   She rocks every song she sings.  She’s outgoing, both on stage and off.  And she takes the time to encourage little girls whose dreams are to be on stage one day too.  So that seals the deal for me, as my daughter looks up to her and aspires to be “just like her” someday.  Who knows, maybe Shonda will retire and the Pierce Arrow Show will be looking for a new leading lady in 15-20 years?!

Suffice it to say, all of these performers seem to love what they’re doing and it shows!  From start to finish, this show nails it!  The combination of singers, musicians, harmonies, song selection and comedy is just right.  Not over the top.  Not understated.  Just right.  Maybe even perfect.  At least for me, my daughter and thousands of others!

~ Molly Donohue

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