4 Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Weekend in Branson

4 Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Weekend in Branson
January 25, 2022

If the truth be told, many of us would as soon stay home on Valentine's Weekend, crash on the couch in our pajamas, eat an entire pizza, and stream a movie. Chances are good, though, that your Valentine is expecting something more. Perhaps he or she expects to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant and then do something fun. But, what to do?  Don't sweat it, we have four great ideas for a fun adventure on Valentine's Day Weekend.

1. BUTTERFLY PALACE AND RAINFOREST ADVENTURE.  What could be more romantic than walking through a rain forest populated with hundred or thousands of colorful butterflies? Make sure your camera is in good working order because your Valentine will want a picture when one of the butterflies lands in their hair or on their nose. Yes, it happens. All the time. They even give you a vial of sugar water that looks like a flower to attract them. Don't miss the Living Rain Forest Science Center, the Banyan Tree Bungee Adventure, and the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze. To learn what the owners of the Butterfly Palace are doing to help save the Rain Forest, watch the educational video. It is... well, educational. Oh, and don't cringe that the foyer is a gift shop. Everything there is reasonably priced. Everyone loves the Butterfly Palace.

2. THE TITANIC MUSEUM ATTRACTION. Have you thought about renewing your vows? The  Titanic Museum is playing host in February to those who felt they weren't punished enough by their first wedding. Reservations, of course, are required (and to be expected from most grooms). Even if you are not renewing your vows, the Titanic is a pretty cool Valentine adventure. Go out to eat, go to the Titanic Museum, and then go home and re-watch the movie. I bet your special Valentine would love to visit the Titanic Museum.

3. BRANSON LANDING AND FOUNTAINS. The fountains at the Branson Landing start operating again on February 1st. For those who have spent the last decade in hiding, the fountains are a unique blending of fire and water choreographed to music. They shoot a jet of water as high as the surrounding buildings. They were designed by the same people who did the fountains at the Bellagio in Vegas and cost over $7 million to build. The fountains operate on a regular schedule in beginning at noon daily. They create a fun and festive atmosphere. For most guys, they make shopping almost bearable. Your Valentine may think you're ill if you take her shopping on the Branson Landing, but she will thank you.

4. TALKING ROCKS. Why not choose an outdoor adventure for Valentines Weekend? Talking Rocks offers hours of thrills and breath-taking beauty. A knowlegable guide takes you through safely through an hour-long tour of a this must-see cave. This adventure is not only unique, but reliable, rain or shine. If you are hesitant because you or your Valentine are afraid of bats, then don't be. Talking Rocks is a closed cavern system and no bats live inside. 150 steps take you to the bottom of the cave and - wierdly enough - 115 steps bring you back out. Have a camera handy (who doesn't?), because you will want a pic of "The Cathedral," a formation that is 90 feet tall and 50 feet across. If weather cooperates, you can go for a hike on the adjacent trails and visit Talking Rocks' 100-foot tall lookout tower.It offers a wonderful panoramic view of the Ozark Mountains. Create memories this Valentine's Weekend. Visit Talking Rocks.

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